There are times when a person needs a little help
to just sit back and relax.
...I am glad I had the opportunity to hear his music
to simply make me feel better about this dreary day.

Multi-instrumentalist Joonas Kreen offers meditative, sunset-coloured home-recorded music with a moody vibe, which roots lie in rainbow-coloured melodies and lounge-jazz. However, this one-man project takes those traditions and combines them with more modern music styles, mixing in elements of folktronica and balearica. Anyone who likes chillout, Kyoto Jazz Massive, Mr. Scruff or Bibio, could try the Estonian alternative.

Valner Valme (music critique from Estonia)

Original text in Estonian:

Multiinstrumentalist Joonas Kreen pakub meditatiivset, loojangueelset kodus salvestatud meeleolumuusikat, mille juured on vikerviisides ja salongijazzis, ent ühemeheprojekt jätkab nimetatud traditsioone moodsates suundades, liikudes folktronica ja balearica vetes. Kellele meeldib chillout, Kyoto Jazz Massive, Mr. Scruff või Bibio, võiks proovida Eesti vastet.

Valner Valme (muusikakriitik)


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