My Luvly Hammock - Album

by Joonas Kreen  

First full-length album, released in 2013.


Multi-instrumentalist Joonas Kreen offers meditative, sunset-coloured home-recorded music with a moody vibe, which roots lie in rainbow-coloured melodies and lounge-jazz. However, this one-man project takes those traditions and combines them with more modern music styles, mixing in elements of folktronica and balearica. Anyone who likes chillout, Kyoto Jazz Massive, Mr. Scruff or Bibio, could try the Estonian alternative.

VALNER VALME - music critique (Estonia)

I love soundtrack music. Whether it's the big sounds of John Williams or the creepy-cool sonic musings of Atli Orvarsson, I get immersed in the sounds people create to accompany tv, movies, instructional DVDs, whatever. And while some albums weren't initially conceived to be soundtracks, they so alter and nuance the mood you're in at the moment that they become a kind of accompaniment for a day in the life (my life, your life...try this album on and see what I mean).

So we dive into the jazz-inflected, deliciously colored world of native-Estonian, Joonas Kreen. With the daydreamy vocals of 'Lingering Silence', 'Smalu' or 'The Verses' Kreen's 'My Luvly Hammock' album absolutely captivates in the most unassuming way you've likely encountered in a long time. So lilting, so uplifting and welcoming, this album feels like a jazzy take on Owl City's best concepts, with bright instrumentation and the perfect swells of vocal brilliance to bring the whole thing together.

Jump into the sax/trumpet groove of 'White District' and see if it doesn't alter whatever traffic jam you're driving on or whatever you just heard on the news. I defy you not to tap your feet on the floor or fingers on the steering wheel as 'Heavenly Phone Booth' melds jazz-pop, etherial backing vocals and smooth sax into a great companion for whatever you happen to be doing.

All in all, this is a great piece of indie music you absolutely must own. It's like eating some great new kind of food for the first time: You've tasted most of the ingredients before, but never quite in this way.


Album Notes:

Joonas Kreen: guitar - Tracks 1-14
bass guitar - Tracks 1,3,4,5,11,12,13
saxophone - Tracks 5,6,7,8,9,10,12,13,14
electric piano - Tracks 1, 11
vocals - Tracks 3,4,9,11,13
programming of drum samples and digital instruments (trumpets, electronic bass, strings, piano)

Featuring: Availle (Track 12)

Total running time: 57:20
Recorded between 2010 - 2012

This album can currently be bought as one entire item only. Single songs are not sold separately.




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