Born in Tallinn, Estonia, my musical education began at the age 7 with clarinet when I started in local music school. Although I studied there for 7 years, I wasn't so enthusiastic about music at that time. I hardly ever practiced. However, a few years after the music school, as I began experimenting with computer-based music software on my own, I somehow discovered a more playful and fun approach to creating music. And after graduating from high school I went to study saxophone.

After having studied saxophone for 2 years, I took a little hiatus from music: I spent the following 2 years in a technical university, studying power engineering. However, I didn't complete the studies - I was drawn back to music. Also, an acquaintance offered me an opportunity to arrange and record instrumental backing tracks for an album containing kids songs. This project gave me some confidence to start experimenting on my own stuff. More than a year later "My Luvly Hammock" was released.



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